SFN Members Start 2020 With Strong Cooperation

SFN Members have started the new year strong, with much cooperation and reciprocal business.

Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said: "This year has started really well for the network, as it always does, with a great exchange of business continuing to flow. Our top aim at SFN Head Office is to see our members cooperating and flourishing, and that's certainly happening as we enter another year together."

Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that members are exchanging:

> Skin care products from Netherlands to Saudi Arabia
> Periscopes from UK to UAE
> Crushed stones from Libya to Bangladesh
> "Soft Orthopedic Material" (Gel Pads) from USA to Saudi Arabia
> Heavy equipment from USA to Thailand
> Used poultry equipment from France to Turkey
> Solar Panels from France to Egypt
> Spare Parts for Plate Edge Milling Machine from India to Austria
> Forklift Truck and Mast from Germany to Saudi Arabia
> Gift Wrapping Paper from Germany to Oman
> Office Stationery from Hungary to Oman
> Pumps from Belgium to UAE
> Lightning Rods from France to Saudi Arabia
> Spare parts for lifting equipment from France to Saudi Arabia

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