SFN Members Work Together To Push Through Tough Times

SFN Members are continuing the year well, with shared business opportunities and frequent rate requests leading to mutual business.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that members are exchanging:

> Textiles from Egypt to Portugal
> Reagent (Aerophine) from Canada to Australia
> Fibreboards from Poland to Canada
> Hydraulic cylinder from Singapore to Brunei
> Materials from China to Saudi Arabia
> Cosmetics from Canada to Senegal
> UHT milk from Slovakia to Saudi Arabia
> RD3-250E Machine from Peru to Ghana
> Machinery from Chile to Australia
> Dispenser Holder from Sweden to the Philippines
> N95 Masks from China to Lithuania

Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said: "Having their network contacts all over the world via SFN means that our members have trusted agents in place to handle their business. They can show their clients that they have local experts 'on the ground' at the destination of their cargo, to ensure the cargo is handled with 100% care from start to finish. Our members are dedicated to helping one another to thrive."

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