SFN Members in Australia Thrive Within SFN

Loch M Fraser Logistics, SFN Members in Australia, have recently created a LMF and SFN Map, a photo of which can be viewed below.

The map pin code:

RED: International Ports
BLUE: Co-Loader

Stevan Stojanovic, Director at LMF, told us: "The Map is representation of ALL LMF/SFN agents worldwide. As you know, we made a decision over 2 years ago to embark on establishing a new agent network worldwide.

With careful planning and a few internal changes we have now been up and running with the SFN network for over 12 months. Looking back now, the decision to join SFN was a key in making this transition as smooth as possible, not just for LMF, but for both Consignees and Shippers.  As you know, there are networks all over the world and to be honest, we could have applied to any of them.

Having now been to 2 SFN conferences, I do not imagine for 1 second that there is another network that could measure up to your standards and level of motivation. Your team is quick to respond, quick to act and only appears to have our interest at heart. Service is the key in any business; if we all do our part, we all grow together and we all reap the rewards together.

I have a saying “watch and learn from those who don’t do so well and DON’T do that, watch and learn from those who are successful and do it better.”

I am watching you and your team and all going well, with every contact, with every conference and every conversation, I can take something away that I can use to not only improve my business, but also improve myself on a personal level as well. Thanks so much to you and your team."

SFN Managing Director Kelly added: "To take the time to create this map and write complimentary words about our network is truly the sign of an amazing man. I am so happy when I hear of such positive experiences within our network. My members' happiness and success within SFN is of paramount importance to me and my team, and I will keep striving for the SFN pins to continue to populate the map, as our worldwide family grows.

I thank Stevan very much for his kind words - we’re super impressed by LMF and love having them as part of SFN."

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