SFN Members in China and Malaysia: Business and Friendship in SFN

Two of our SFN members, ZHL Logistics Co., Ltd. in China and JHC Express in Malaysia have connected within SFN and developed some business.

Lika Gao at ZHL and Jeslyn Soh at JHC met through SFN in 2017 and have enjoyed a fruitful business relationship, and personal friendship, ever since. Lika and Jeslyn booked a 1-to-1 appointment at the SFN Online Meeting in March.

You can see a screenshot of their 1-to-1 meeting below:

Lika told us more: "Jeslyn and I have been cooperating for several years, since we first met at the SFN Pattaya meeting in 2017. Every year, we will meet each other in our annual meeting and discuss about the cooperation issues. We're not only business partners, but friends as well.

During the Covid situation, we still can meet via the virtual meeting and besides for the business trend, we also exchanged the idea about the Covid impacts to world economy, and how we could deal with it in future."

Jeslyn also commented: We established our business relationship since 2017. ZHL has been our trusted partner in China. Lika and her team have given us the commitment and support to our shipments to Malaysia. Apart from that, I would like to acknowledge her team for being transparent in all the business processes and this has been the reason for our long collaboration. Cheers to our friendship as well, Lika! :)"

SFN Operations Manager Jess Baker said: "Lika and Jeslyn are two of our long-term members and we are delighted that we brought them together, and they have gone on to develop such a strong relationship. Having trusted partners to handle your business is certainly one of the main benefits of network membership - and making lifelong friends is a great bonus, too."

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To read more about ZHL and JHC, visit their websites here:

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