SFN's Annual Network Meeting Event Video

SFN's 7th Annual member meeting was held in October 2022, in Croatia. The beautiful location by the sea was the perfect setting for SFN members old and new to gather, do business, laugh and party.

During the event, some great memories were captured on camera. You can watch an overview of the meeting here:

SFN delegates shared their feedback by email and WhatsApp. A small selection can be read below:

‘It's been an absolute delight and joy meeting everyone and catching up. Safe flights and travels. Until next year. Kelly, Jess and Dalia - 🙏🏻 Thank you. The best always.’ Chaitaly Mehta, EKF Global Logistics, India

‘I have the opportunity to meet a lot of great people – very qualified. Happy. Join the SFN Family!’ Max Moulot, AT&L, Canada

‘It was very lovely to know you all. I’m very sure good business are coming and best of all, great friendship. I hope to see you all soon, meanwhile let’s keep in touch. Safe trip back to all, and success on all your projects.’ Cesar Vazquez, TJ Logistics, Mexico

‘Lovely to meet you all, thank you so much for making my first conference so enjoyable.’ Kelly Lane, ICS Global Logistics, Australia

‘Thank you all for a great time… It’s been so much fun - nice meetings and I have had a wonderful time 😊😊 See you soon… keep in touch. SFN SFN SFN 😜😜😜’ Maiken Spangsberg Thygesen, Jutlandia Terminal, Denmark

‘Now back home!! Thanks all for this Great SFN Conference!! Take all care and see you asap!!’ Matthieu Talbot, TMT - Transport Maritime & Transit, France

‘So much fun! Thanks everyone to join and meet!! That was again fantastic... people’s business!!! SFN Team made it again amazing.’ Marcus Schlapper, TCI International Logistics, Germany

‘Was amazing to see all of you family, I really enjoy a lot, thanks again Kelly, Jess and Dalia for all.’ Jose Manuel Lozano, Multitrade, Spain

‘Safe travels back home everyone, it was such a pleasure meeting all of you guys and spending time together. I really enjoyed it! 🙋🏻‍♀️’ Marie von Appen, TS Logistics, Germany

If you would like to join us at our next meeting, please complete the SFN Application Form.
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