SFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for SFN Members

Over the years, Specialist Freight Networks has formed alliances with third parties; forwarder advertising platforms, cargo insurance and the like. The goal has always been to add value to members’ memberships.

Getting discounted insurance and adverts has always been advantageous, but SFN's alliance with AIRates is the most exciting to date.

SFN members are being given access to a slick, state-of-art solution for all of the forwarding industry’s software challenges, completely FREE of charge. It adds great value to the SFN membership. This video summarises the positive impact it has had on the network and its members (click on the image below to view):

AIRates is a web system partnered with your local agent, that provides all costs for air shipments, with the click of your mouse. With AIRates and your IATA global partners, you can issue e-AWB’s with the major air carriers. Be connected with over 80 airlines. AIRates can quote your air shipments anywhere, even when you are on the move with the mobile app. All rates are online and all bookings come directly to your email.

One of AIRates' biggest assets is that it is fully customisable. You can choose your preferred agent, you can import and export bookings on your own data system and much more.

AIRates offers three main solutions:

1. AIRates Pricing System provides instantaneous quotes, based on incoterms. No need to wait for email responses or consider international time difference.

2. SmartAWB: for automatically issuing eAWB’s electronically and connecting to over 60 airlines. This is really cutting-edge, not everybody is doing this, but all forwarders will have to soon.

3. eCargo Cloud: the complete ERP forwarding system. An advanced software for freight forwarders. This project started with Oracle in 2000. Since then AIRates have teamed up with IBM and Oracle to provide the best experience that Cloud technology has to offer.

SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, says; “The expression goes... snooze and you lose. It’s important that I assist my members to be one step ahead of their competition. Having an open mind when faced with such an amazing new opportunity is the sign of a winner. It’s important that my members aren’t the Kodak of the forwarding industry. They blinked and their industry was taken over.

This system is revolutionary and many steps ahead of the rest. As I say to all my members, embrace the change and you’ll stay ahead. The fact that it's free of charge makes it a no-brainer.”

Many SFN members are viewing the demo and signing up immediately. Be part of the future and book your appointment with AIRates.

Further, hook up with all the other forward thinking forwarders and apply to join us: SFN Application Form."

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