Vineet Confirms: SFN Members Build Trust and Help One Another

In this video, SFN Owner Kelly chats with Vineet at Ryal Logistics India, to get his feedback on the benefits of network membership and of the one-to-one business meetings he's had at this year's event. Vineet describes the meeting as 'very constructive, as always. All the meetings have been very, very fruitful." Click on the image below to watch:

Kelly comments: "It is great to hear Vineet confirm one of the instant benefits of network membership - you get an immediate multi-national presence, enabling you to win more business. This is really the predominant return on investment in a network - although of course the platform enables you to get more business as well. Vineet's proactivity and professionalism is surely a big part of his success. Our members are true professionals and go the extra mile to help one another."

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