SFN Meetings are held annually to provide an invaluable forum for the exchange of  business between SFN Members. For one set of travel expenses, delegates have the unique opportunity to attend 1-2-1 meetings with fellow Members, in order to generate new business.
You could join SFN and promote your company to your newfound partners at the next event in Spain, April 2018.
As well as the formal setting of the meeting room, the informal welcome reception, gala and farewell dinner provide ample opportunity for Members to get to know one another and build trust. The meetings enable bonds to be formed and strengthened from year to year, leading to more and more business.
With Kelly Bunyan's experience in hosting Network Meetings, the events are always highly productive and fun. Kelly Bunyan has been hosting freight forwarder meetings since 2005.  You can see details of all her previous Meetings on SFN's sister network's website: World Freight Network’s (WFN).
Read what some of our Members think of our meetings:

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the courtesy and hospitality extended to me during SFN Conference in KUL last week. I must say it was a great event, well organized, well recognized and much appreciated by all attendees. Big thanks to you and your team for the hard work. Noticed conducting style has its own touch and is different from any other conferences. Honestly speaking I had enjoyed being with unique team. Thanking you and looking forward to seeing you all in China in 2015!!! All the very best in advance for another successful event."

Sasi Dharan, Dono Freight, UAE


"The SFN meeting is a really valuable way to expand your knowledge about other members from different countries, and to build sustainable business and long term relationships with them. We attended our first SFN meeting in Johannesburg last year, which was well-balanced and well organized both logistically and in terms of its schedule (team building, gala dinners ). We learned a lot and we made some new contacts. SFN Head Office also has a wonderful team of people, all friendly and helpful. It was wonderful experience for us. We are attending our second meeting in Pattaya to be with our friends and meet with new ones."

Yuksel Kahraman, Origin Logistics, Turkey


"Just a quick thank you for the successful SFN Conference held this year in South Africa, to the members that were not able to attend, you missed out. Thank you for allowing us to host you in South Africa, it was a pleasure and many new friends were made by all. We are used to conversing via email and rarely get the opportunity to meet one another face to face. There are a lot of new prospects businesswise that was discussed at this year’s conference. Thank you for making the conference memorable and I look forward to growing the business with our partners."

Deirdre Baillie, Professional Shipping Intelligence, South Africa


"Specialist Freight Networks is exactly that – a group of specialist, experienced and well-chosen individuals brought together to do business. Communication in our industry is key and something that SFN embodies not only during the meeting, but all year round. The meeting itself is extremely well organised, not only in the choice of venue but the agenda as a whole. It makes the art of networking easier. Kelly and the team do an incredible job to ensure that delegates get what they set out to; make new friends, expand knowledge and the ultimate goal: to win business. Our business has thrived since being part of SFN. Long may it continue."

Jason Hickey, ThinkPrime, UK


"Thank you for putting together such a wonderful, wonderful conference again! This is my second year with SFN, and last year was a great success, the program far exceeded my expectations. A job well done!!! It must be a lot of work to set up and I would like to thank Kelly and the SFN Team for all their hard work and efforts in organising the event programme. The SFN Network is truly a great group of people and each year I left with new business partners and new friends as well.  Thanks again and I am already looking forward to meeting everyone again at the next meeting."

Julie Kung, Webtrans Logistics, USA


"We are close to the SFN meeting in Thailand and my schedule is fully booked. It's good to meet with old friends whom I met 1 Year ago. Some of them we have created new good business and some of them we might have new opportunities. I have seen that there are a lot of new Members who are going to attend the SFN meeting in Thailand, whom we have never met before. We are joining the Martial Arts Team Building gathering on Wednesday, where we expect the same harmony as last year. All in all, I'm very excited to see The SFN Team and a lot of members, to have a great time and, with some relaxing beers or cocktails, create new business as well."

Edwin Bodenstaff, M-Star Freight Services, Netherlands


"SFN conferences are always very nice. Along with business another important element that I find at SFN conferences is friendship and genuine good ones. I always believe that conferences enhance one’s perception of a company and it is instant chemistry either to work or not work with a particular company and that’s why we see business between certain companies increases year after year. The conferences serve a dual purpose - increase bonding amongst members and renew trust and desire to work with companies which may have been missed out in the earlier instances. I am very happy that we became members and more importantly continue to be members."

Chaitaly Mehta, Express Kargo Forwarders, India

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