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You have nothing to lose yet plenty to gain.  Reap all the benefits of an SFN Membership, connect with 230 companies in 111 countries and fill out the SFN Application Form
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Read on if you would like to learn more about why SFN is worthy of your investment:
One fee to represent your country in your chosen dedicated Network.  In most Networks, you are expected to pay for your Head Office, then considerable sums for your branch offices too. At SFN you will pay just one fee to represent your country – all branch offices in the same country can be listed free of charge.  This is an incredible saving and therefore means that SFN is inexpensive compared to other Networks.  
Exclusive means exclusive.  In the Exclusive Networks, once you invest in your preferred Specialist niche market (General, Air, Sea, Project) your company truly is the sole representative in your country. All business in that country will come to you and no competitors are listed.  Exclusive does not mean that you have to work with only SFN Members; you can still work with your non-SFN trusted agents.
Limited Members in Non-Exclusive Network. In the Non-Exclusive Network, aside from the USA and China, only 5 Members are permitted per country. This gives you plenty of opportunity to obtain business, your own market isn’t too crowded. Plus if there are 5 Members in your country, there are 5 Members in other countries too, increasing the opportunity for business five-fold
Payment Monitoring System.  SFN Head Office will be immediately notified of any slow payments, controlling healthy financials within the Network. Kelly Bunyan's strong leadership means that 99%-100% of all SFN Payments have been honoured since SFN's inception. This is exceptional and is achieved through breeding a sense of family, trust and respect.
SFN is owned by a strong, successful Network Owner. The SFN Managing Director, Kelly Bunyan, also owns World Freight Network (WFN), an established Non-Exclusive General Cargo Network with 250 Members in 111 countries, launched in 2004. So SFN is in safe, experienced hands. Kelly cares deeply about her reputation and will ensure that SFN is just as respected and successful as WFN. 
Less rules than other Networks.  SFN Head Office does not wish to tell you how often you must participate at Meetings, how many Networks you can belong to, how much business you must submit to fellow Members.  You are intelligent enough to know what is best for you and your company.  There will be strong leadership, this is Kelly Bunyan’s forte, however, her strength will be dedicated to maintaining standards i.e. excellent levels of communication, unbiased arbitration when required etc.  Kelly trusts that you will understand that to reap the maximum benefits from your SFN Membership, you’ll strive to give new business to fellow Members, you’ll endeavour to participate at Meetings etc.
Faster quote response time.  SFN Members’ rates will be visible to fellow Members in the SFN website’s protected zone (not the public domain).  This will instantly speed up response times and help you to secure new business.  There is NO obligation to provide such sensitive information.  With different cultures and attitudes, it is more than understood that some will not prefer to reveal your rates, that’s fine too.  It is a field in your profile page which you can either make use of or not.
All Members must provide references from companies who work with you, in your chosen specialist freight - please do not apply unless you can provide strong references. SFN is looking for proactive Freight Forwarders who truly believe in giving rather than just taking; you'll require excellent communication skills and need to pay on time.
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