About Specialist Freight Networks (SFN)

Tried networks before, and felt lost in a sea of forwarders? Unsure which network will give you the best return on your investment?

With so many networks reaching out to you on a daily basis, we appreciate that knowing which one to invest in is not so easy. Perhaps past experience has put you off joining a network again? The best way to judge, is to see what the network's members are saying.

At SFN, our members will testify that joining us was a great decision for their company: Member Video Testimonials.

How long has the network existed?

In our opinion, looking at how long a network has been established is key. SFN has recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary, so we have a proven track record of generating income for our members. Our Founder, Kelly Bunyan, based in London, provides SFN members with access to 211 professional Freight Forwarders in 103 countries. Watch the video to see Kelly explaining what Specialist Freight Networks (Registered in the UK: # 7809402) can do for you:

Specialist Freight Networks are highly regarded within the international freight networking industry. Being ISO 9001 Certified (No: 198344), we lead by example; all members are striving for excellence in all aspects of their operations.
What can SFN membership do for me?
Our network will not only provide you with the opportunity to receive new business from your newfound partners, but also help you to convert more sales, as your potential clients would have full confidence in your company, knowing that you are internationally connected. At SFN you would have access to dedicated, expert partners to finish the job you start, as professionally and competently as if you had your own office in the destination country - your clients will be impressed by this.
Looking for financially strong partners, who will pay on time?
Even though a high volume of cargo is exchanged within SFN, the financials within the network are super strong. Due to the sense of family within SFN, coupled with Kelly Bunyan's strong leadership, since SFN was formed, 99%-100% of payments have been honoured, year on year. This statistic is exceptional and certainly not achievable outside the safe confines of SFN. A payment protection scheme is therefore simply just not required. In fact, SFN members chose not to opt into a scheme, as they do not feel it is needed.
Is SFN Exclusive or Non-Exclusive?

Acknowledging the advantages of both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive networks, SFN provides both types of associations in a specialised format, under the same global SFN brand. In total, 5 individual networks reside under the same SFN umbrella:

4 Exclusive Networks: Air, Sea, Project and General (strong in Air, Sea, and Project).

1 Non-Exclusive Network: members' niche markets are listed: Air, Sea, Road, Project, Perishable, Hazardous, Personal, Time Sensitive, Live Animals. 

The SFN networking solution is really unique; it provides independent freight forwarders with a specialised platform to choose how to showcase their company.  Kelly has a proven 17+ year track record of generating sustainable new business revenue for her members - she also owns (WFN).

You can watch more video testimonials at the SFN YouTube Channel.

To learn more about our network, please read our Network FAQs.

Unsure how best to market your company to a wider audience? Short on time in your busy working day?
No problem! Our Head Office Team are here to assist you with your marketing. Your company news and achievements will be shared with 1000s of forwarders in our group, as well as a wider audience via industry publications, trade shows and exhibitions, and our own website and social media. We can even make you a dedicated promotional video for you to send to your potential clients.
With simple mailing lists, easy search and rate request functions, and a free payment monitoring system to track your invoices, our network saves you time and effort - freeing you up to focus on servicing your clients. Our dedicated Head Office team are on hand to help you over email, phone and WhatsApp, with whatever you need. We are a small, close-knit team and we care about your success. Here is the combined Management team:

From left to right:

Group Sales Manager: Nicki Johnson
Group Operations Manager: Jess Baker
Group Managing Director: Kelly Bunyan
Group Sales Director: Dalia Terret
Group Operations Manager: Debbie Constantine  

Read on to learn more about the Management team:

Kelly Bunyan, Group Managing Director:
Kelly Bunyan graduated from Southampton University with a degree in Business Economics and French. Kelly spent a total of 3 years in France and Germany, teaching Business English to professionals. Upon her return to the UK, Kelly joined an international computer software company in London. This position gained her much experience in marketing, networking and conference organising. 

A Black Belt in Kung Fu and Kickboxing, Kelly left the company to start her own business in 2000, which soon became the largest Martial Arts Academy in London. 20+ years later, Kelly is still teaching weekly classes to the elite students in her school. In 2004, Kelly moved into freight networking, combining her past experience and knowledge to create World Freight Network.

Kelly then expanded her network management to Specialist Freight Networks in 2011 and, latterly, International Freight Network in 2018.

From a personal viewpoint, Kelly feels that with all the war and intolerance in the world, it is a great thing to be able to gather so many different countries and cultures together, for mutual gain.  

Dalia Terret, Group Sales Director:
Dalia's role is to oversee the sales efforts within the group’s networks. Dalia has assisted in developing a sales strategy, which has ensured the continued growth of all networks. Dalia has worked in a variety of industries over the years and continues to 'multi-task.' As well as a qualified Sports Massage Therapist, Dalia is a Black Belt in Kickboxing and Judo, she teaches Martial Arts with Kelly.

Jess Baker, Group Operations Manager:
Jess has a strong background in network management. A regular attendee at the Group’s network meetings, Jess is personable and great at assisting in managing the needs of the members, throughout the Group. Jess thrives in this all-encompassing role, involving marketing, administration, sales - you name it, Jess is there, alongside Kelly, to ensure that WFN, SFN and IFN are not just an average set of networks, but of an excellent calibre. Jess is also one of Kelly's Black Belt students and teaches weekly Self Defence classes in Central London. 

Debbie Constantine, Group Operations Manager:
Since 1994, Debbie has gained a wealth of experience in every aspect of shipping, freight forwarding and the logistics industry. Debbie has had access to an extensive client portfolio whereby key accounts, major brand names and blue chip companies have been assigned to her control. Having previously worked for 3 independent, privately-owned freight forwarders and gaining extensive experience in both air and sea freight, as well as import and export, Debbie is well equipped to help advance and develop the WFN network.

Nicki Johnson, Sales Manager:
With a strong, proven background in sales, Nicki Johnson is wonderfully placed to recruit new member throughout the group. Nicki is highly skilled in assessing whether applicants will be a strong asset to the existing membership and only selects the strongest forwarders. Tenacious in her approach to sales, she is well equipped to ensure that she actively encourages the best applicants to follow through and join.


Gil Terret

Gil assists with administration and sales efforts within Specialist Freight Networks, World Freight Network and International Freight Network. PA to the Group Sales Director, Dalia, Gil provides excellent support in bringing together Members far and wide for mutual gain. With a wealth of experience in sales and administration, Gil is wonderfully placed to help with new Member recruitment within the networks.


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