Member Interview: Capital Logistics, Saudi Arabia

SFN Head Office take a personal approach to network management, making sure that each and every member feels valued, supported and heard.

We regularly ask for feedback on how our members are benefiting from their SFN membership. This month, Hassan Younus at Capital Logistics in Saudi Arabia gave us his comments:

How did you start out in Freight Forwarding?

"About 21 years ago, having a strength of growing overseas network, it was our pleasure to develop a rational development in the field of freight forwarding in Saudi Arabia. Strong growing relationships between overseas vendors and local importers and exports all around the GCC lead us to build our firm even more."

Your thoughts on the logistics industry today and how things have changed due to the Pandemic?

"The Pandemic has walloped a lot of businesses around the globe. As a forwarder we are directly proportioned to these circumstances of commercial activities and conditions going on in the world. So, there is a need for us to join hands together to gain maximum strength of our SFN group to overcome this striking condition."

What are the main challenges facing independent forwarders?

"The lack of strength of overseas and domestic partners is the main challenge an independent forwarder faces."

What are your company’s main strengths and services?

"Forthrightly telling, our customers' trust is our main strength, which help vanguard us in whole services of logistics from import, export or customs clearance, whether it is via Air, sea, road or rail. We work with a motto of: our customers' and worldwide agents' satisfaction is solely our success."

How relevant is networking in today’s forwarding industry?

"Networking is the heart of our particular industry today. We cannot lead or grow without it."

How have you benefited from your SFN network membership?

"Agency partnership is required to promote and handle business in an international platform to and from the origin country. To access a quick service for the daily operation, it is possible if the company is part of a qualified logistics network such as SFN. To compare and consign the shipment anywhere around the world, is helped by a certified logistics network.

As our expertise e.g. handling imports & exports, there is a great need to have global coverage and potency of overseas agents for handling shipments on the other ports. The support that comes from SFN membership is vital. In SFN, members cooperate to make business easier by reducing risks and insurance costs, and sharing business resources.
Belonging to SFN will make you feel the Power of Unity. The nature of the network will bring the close bonding between the members of the group. It is a wonderful opportunity to utilize the human resources available in the members' company to bring more potential to the business. The members have highly talented freight forwarding professionals, and it can be utilized and create a win-win situation for logistics network members.

As an independent freight forwarder, it is always challenging to do business against multinational companies. However being part of qualified logistics network you are eligible to defeat such competition."

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