SFN Members in China and Hong Kong Benefit from SFN Online Meeting

Two of our SFN members, ZHL Logistics in China and Trans Orient Logistics (TOL) in Hong Kong met one another through the network and have enjoyed regular business ever since.

Lika at ZHL and Alex Ko at TOL recently had a 1-to-1 appointment at the SFN Online Meeting in March.

You can see a screenshot of their 1-to-1 meeting below:

Alex gave us this great feedback: "We have been working together with ZHL for a number of years now, 5 perhaps. They have a very good team in ZHL, we both work together like a family. We have regular ocean shipments handled by them. I actually met them in the first year they joined SFN. So thank you to the network for bringing us together!" 

Lika also gave her positive comments on the partnership: "We have worked together with TOL for almost 5 years.We're discussing about the nominations from China to Europe and how we can work together to make our clients satisfied for more business. It's the triangle shipments from TOL and we agree to work jointly hand in hand to develop together. We are very happy with them."

SFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said: "It's always great to hear about positive partnerships that have come about as a result of SFN. Our aim is to connect top quality forwarders, so that they may develop rewarding, fruitful business - and that's certainly displayed here. I'm so pleased that Alex and Lika were able to attend the meeting and enjoy their 1-to-1 discussion."

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To read more about ZHL Logistics and Trans Orient Logistics, visit their websites here:

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