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APRIL 2019

02 Apr Seatrans Agencies Win Multimodal Logistics Award

01 Apr SFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for SFN Members

01 Apr SFN Software Alliance:

01 Apr SFN Secures New ISO Alliance

MARCH 2019

15 Mar SFN Member in Italy Achieves ISO Certification

06 Mar SFN Member in Portugal Ships Electrical Substations to Rwanda

05 Mar SFN Member Completes Project Move to Oman

03 Mar Falcon Logistics Confirm Members Get Paid at SFN

02 Mar SFN Members in Turkey Move Excavator and Cutting Machine


13 Feb SFN Member in the Dominican Republic Celebrates 6 Years

07 Feb SFN Members in Canada and China Share Flawless Operation

05 Feb SFN Members Kick Start a Year of Positive Cooperation

05 Feb SFN Member in Canada Launches New Look

04 Feb Charl Says "Do Yourself A Favour and Join SFN"


03 Jan SFN Member in China Celebrates 22 Years

02 Jan SFN Gives You Trusted Partners & Increased Business


12 Dec SFN Member in UK Opens New Office

07 Dec Transportation of Heavy Cargo by SFN Member in Denmark

05 Dec SFN Member in China Expertly Handles Project Cargo

03 Dec SFN Extends Your Global Reach


30 Nov Coordination of Offshore Equipment By SFN Member in Denmark

21 Nov SFN Member in Russia Attends Chemistry Expo

14 Nov SFN Member in Japan Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification

10 Nov SFN Member in Bulgaria Arranges Charter of Valuable Cargo to Iraq

04 Nov SFN Members Handle Wide Range of Cargo With Confidence

03 Nov Karla Confirms that SFN Works for its Members


31 Oct SFN Member in Uruguay Share Live Animal Shipments

19 Oct SFN Members in Australia Thrive Within SFN

10 Oct SFN Member in Jordan and Turkey Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

01 Oct New Members, Eduardo & Ramiro, Believe SFN is Amazing


25 Sep SFN Member in the Netherlands Handles Classic Cars

19 Sep SFN Members in Mexico Working With Multiple SFN Members

18 Sep SFN Member in Taiwan Offers Reefer Export Service

16 Sep SFN Member in Turkey Handle Project for the UEFA

14 Sep SFN Member in China Introduces Import Agency Service

01 Sep Marcus States: "You Couldn't Pick Better Than SFN"


31 Aug SFN Members in Saudi Arabia Awarded Emirates Certificate

28 Aug SFN Member In Turkey Completes Project Shipments

18 Aug SFN Member in Singapore Moves 4 Kraz Trucks

10 Aug SFN Members Cooperate and Continue to Flourish

06 Aug SFN Member Opens New Warehouse in Memphis

02 Aug Pepe Confirms Multiple Reasons to Join SFN

JULY 2018

11 Jul SFN Members Continue to Excel

08 Jul SFN Member in Sweden Acquires New Company

06 Jul SFN Member Handles Thrust Reverser from the UK to USA

06 Jul SFN Member In Tokyo Celebrates 8th Anniversary

02 Jul Vineet & Ibrahim Form Trusted Partnership

JUNE 2018

15 Jun SFN Member in Bulgaria Moves Armoured Transports

13 Jun SFN Member in Belgium Shares Latest Marketing Brochure

10 Jun SFN Members in Singapore Complete Project Shipment from Dalian to Mumbai

07 Jun Specialist Freight Network Members Recommend SFN

05 Jun SFN Members Utilise Network Marketing To Win Business

MAY 2018

25 May SFN Member in Saudi Arabia Opens New Warehousing Facility

23 May SFN Member in Portugal Receives Certificate of Excellency

15 May SFN New ICO Certification

11 May SFN Members In Italy Launch New Courier Service

02 May SFN Raises Funds for Ave Maria Foundation in Spain

01 May SFN Members Devise Further Business Opportunities Together

APRIL 2018

26 Apr SFN and WFN Members Unite for a Friendly Game of Golf in Spain
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