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APRIL 2018

03 Apr SFN Members: Professional, Strong and Ready To Do Business

01 Apr SFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for SFN Members

MARCH 2018

15 Mar SFN Members Approach Mutual Business With Quality in Mind

08 Mar SFN Member in Turkey Ships Shares Heavy Cargo and Project Shipments

04 Mar SFN Member in Italy Ships Prefabricated Houses to Niger

01 Mar SFN Holds One Of A Kind Martial Arts Team Building Session


20 Feb SFN Member In Canada Handle Breakbulk Cargo Project

15 Feb SFN Member In Italy Handles Specialised Project From France

10 Feb SFN Members Work Together for Long Term Gain

01 Feb Oren Attests: SFN Is Good For Business


18 Jan SFN Industry Exhibition Collaborations

15 Jan SFN Member Opens 11th Office in Brazil

10 Jan SFN Member in China Opens New Office in Yantai

05 Jan SFN Members Soar Into 2018 With Strong Partners

02 Jan Mubin Commends SFN Agents As Very Active


19 Dec SFN Member Gives eCargo.Cloud Excellent Review

16 Dec SFN Member in China Celebrates 21st Anniversary

15 Dec SFN Member in Netherlands Opens New Warehouse

10 Dec SFN Member Opens New Office in Izmir

09 Dec SFN Member in Brazil Recieves 6 Trophies in Logistics Efficiency Awards

04 Dec Alex States: It's Simple, SFN Is Like A Family

03 Dec SFN Member in Malaysia Moves Heavy and Sensitive Cargo

01 Dec SFN Secure New ISO Alliance

01 Dec SFN Members Enjoy Another Great Year of Cooperation


30 Nov SFN Member in Argentina Celebrates 21 Years

18 Nov SFN Software Alliance:

16 Nov SFN Member in Sweden Shares Latest Shipments

10 Nov SFN Member in Malaysia Ships Sensitive Cargo

08 Nov SFN Member in Thailand Unveils New Brochure

06 Nov Cooperation and Appreciation As SFN Members Thrive Together

04 Nov SFN Members Work Together for Long Term Gain

02 Nov Special Shipments By SFN Member in Malaysia


20 Oct SFN Member in Portugal Releases New Marketing Flyer

16 Oct SFN Member in the UK Welcomes New Logistics Staff Member

06 Oct SFN Members Strategise Together on Shared Business

03 Oct Maarten Attests To SFN's Global Reach


22 Sep SFN Member in UK Celebrates 10th Anniversary

07 Sep SFN Members Cooperate for UN Projects

06 Sep SFN Member in Germany Unveils New Website

01 Sep SFN Members Working Together for Long-term Gain


30 Aug SFN Industry Exhibition Partnerships

02 Aug Marcus Says: "The Majority Of Our Freight Goes Through SFN"

01 Aug SFN Members Fully Invested and Thriving

JULY 2017

03 Jul SFN Member Ships Private Jet from Singapore to USA

02 Jul Oriol And Teddy Confirm Quality Of SFN Members

01 Jul SFN Members Cooperate To Achieve More

JUNE 2017

12 Jun SFN Member in Turkey Shares Project Shipments

05 Jun SFN Member in Brazil Shares Ecological Tree Planting Scheme

04 Jun SFN Member In USA Celebrates 15 Years in Business

02 Jun SFN Members: Why We Love Our Network

01 Jun SFN Members Continue to Show Prowess As Business Thrives

MAY 2017

19 May SFN Members Continue to Utilise Alliance With FDRS

17 May SFN Member in Portugal Opens Dedicated Air Cargo Office

11 May SFN Member in Bangladesh Receives Emirates Award

10 May SFN Members Win Business Through Marketing Efforts

05 May SFN Member In USA Opens New Office In Southern California

01 May SFN Member in UAE Wins Appreciation Award

APRIL 2017

29 Apr SFN Raises Funds for Father Ray Foundation in Pattaya

28 Apr SFN Meeting A Roaring Success
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