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APRIL 2021

07 Apr SFN Member in China Expands to New Office

01 Apr SFN Members Invest Effort Into Mutual Business Opportunities

01 Apr SFN's Business Alliance: AIRates FREE for SFN Members

01 Apr SFN Software Alliance:

01 Apr SFN Secures New ISO Alliance

MARCH 2021

25 Mar SFN Member in Turkey Ships Power Transformers to Ashdod

25 Mar SFN Member Secures Services to Qatar’s Ministry of Interior

23 Mar SFN Featured in Industry Multi Media Magazine

23 Mar SFN Featured in Must-Read Industry Press

12 Mar SFN Online Meeting a Huge Success

10 Mar SFN Online Meeting Launches

01 Mar SFN Members Work Together To Push Through Tough Times


24 Feb SFN Member in China Celebrates 10th Anniversary

19 Feb SFN Featured in Industry Press

18 Feb SFN Featured In Forwarder Magazine

18 Feb SFN Member in Japan Transports Export Cargo by Flexitank

04 Feb SFN Releases New Promotional Video

03 Feb SFN Members Continue To Cooperate and Develop Business

01 Feb SFN Member in Qatar Moves to New Office

01 Feb SFN Member in Turkey Ships Parasailing Boat and Transformers


15 Jan SFN Member in Turkey Recieves Sea Freight Award

14 Jan SFN Member in Nigeria Shares Latest Shipments

06 Jan SFN Announces Online Member Meeting

04 Jan SFN Members Look Forward to Strong Cooperation in 2021


21 Dec SFN Provides New Marketing Video to its Members

16 Dec SFN Member in Turkey Completes Shipments to Japan and Qatar

06 Dec SFN Member in Singapore Shares Expert Shipment to Philippines

01 Dec SFN Members Continue To Work Together At Year's End

01 Dec SFN Shares Brand New Marketing Video


27 Nov SFN Zoom Member Discussion

25 Nov Member Interview: Solar Line Logistics, Qatar

11 Nov Industry Exhibition Collaborations

02 Nov Expert SFN Member In India Interviewed on Podcast

02 Nov Member Interview: TCI International Logistics, Mexico

01 Nov SFN Members Demonstrate Top Notch Service


11 Oct Member Interview: Transportations, Japan

07 Oct SFN Member In Turkey Completes 2 Project Shipments in 1 Week

07 Oct SFN Member in Mexico Shares New Presentation

04 Oct Member Interview: Caspi Freight, Israel

02 Oct SFN Member Endorsement: Bethel Logistics, Ghana

01 Oct SFN Member in Turkey Performs Vessel Chartering

01 Oct SFN Members Invest Efforts in Developing Mutual Business


24 Sep SFN Featured in Online Logistics Magazine

24 Sep SFN Member in Tunisia Awarded ISO Certification

23 Sep SFN Members Gather on Zoom

09 Sep Member Interview: Longwind Logistics Co., China

07 Sep SFN Member in Turkey Interviewed by Hapag-Lloyd

05 Sep SFN Features in Leading Online Publication

01 Sep Member Interview: AdvanceLog, Hong Kong

01 Sep SFN Members Showcase Top Quality Service


28 Aug SFN Featured in Supply Chain Quarterly

19 Aug SFN Member in Turkey Handles Challenging Power Plant Shipment

14 Aug SFN Member in Italy Promotes Fashion Division

12 Aug SFN Members in Turkey Completes Project Shipment to Israel

03 Aug SFN Members Handle Cargo Expertly

03 Aug Member Interview: Ningbo Green International Trans, China

JULY 2020

24 Jul SFN Member in Indonesia Handles Record Shipment

20 Jul SFN Featured in DC Velocity Industry Publication

15 Jul SFN Member in Spain Ships Mercedes Benz Cars

13 Jul SFN Member in Turkey Ships Metso Shredders

10 Jul Member Interview: AllCargoNet, USA

10 Jul SFN Member in Ireland Leases New Trailers

01 Jul SFN Members Continue to Cooperate and Exchange Business

01 Jul SFN Members Connect on Zoom

JUNE 2020

30 Jun SFN Member in Philippines Moves to New Office

29 Jun SFN Exhibition Partnerships

28 Jun SFN Member in Pakistan Appointed to Chairman Position

26 Jun Video Message from SFN Managing Director

16 Jun SFN Member in Turkey Transport Fire Trucks

10 Jun SFN Featured in Industry Press

02 Jun SFN Members Showing Support with Exchange of Business

MAY 2020

05 May SFN Member in Turkey Ships Medical Gowns to Doha

04 May Founder Member Isilda Confirms SFN is Value For Money

03 May SFN Members in Spain Announces New Website

01 May SFN Members Pull Together to Face Challenges

APRIL 2020

21 Apr SFN Member in Panama Shares Dispatch of COVID-19 Testing Kits

17 Apr SFN Member in India Gives Live Interview
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