SFN Member Endorsement: Bethel Logistics, Ghana

Bethel Logistics Company Limited are strong SFN members in Ghana, and have been in the network since 2015.

Gladys Abem, Digital Marketing/Corporate Strategy at Bethel, here shares more details about Bethel's company strengths, and how they have benefited from their SFN membership. Gladys comments on how having access to SFN's network of quality agents around the world has ensured business opportunities for their company.

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Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said: "It's our aim to provide our members with a platform to promote their company, develop contacts, and achieve business. Like all our members, Bethel joined us with strong industry references and they provide an excellent service, swift communication and a professional approach. Bethel have been trusted members for five years now, and we are delighted that they have benefited so much from their SFN membership."

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