SFN Member in France Shares Online Meeting Success

Matthieu Talbot, Business Development Manager at Transport Maritime & Transit (TMT) in France recently attended the SFN Online Meeting, Matthieu shared with us some details of his successful connections with our members, many of whom he has regular business with:

"Thank you for running this online conference; all our appointments were really lovely.


Wayne Kruger at Hunter Cargo (above) and I just started to make business together under FOB Nomination. I have regular Wine Import from Australia and I hope we’ll be able to secure more LCL/FCL consolidation from Australia with Wayne and his team. They will be our top freight support to find the most reliable solution from Australia for Equipment & Space Issue.  

Chaitaly at EKF in India (above) is more than a partner, she's almost family now since all those past meetings we shared together. I put special target on Indian Market and Chaitaly’s team is such a great support!






For all our partners, even if we have no immediate business to share, our main goal is to exchange business information and keep in touch until we find a new opportunity to exchange business. We do have regular business requests between each other, and it’s just a matter of time to secure regular traffic."

SFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said: "Matthieu is one of the stalwarts of SFN, having attended every meeting since our first gathering, nearly 10 years ago. Matthieu and his team's hard work, professionalism and dedication to networking is to be applauded and we're delighted to see TMT go from strength to strength!"

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