SFN Members Continue To Work Together At Year's End

SFN Members are vetted upon joining the network, to show that they can provide a high standard of service. Our members can be confident that when they consign business within the group, it will be handled to the highest standard.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of enquiries sent within SFN recently:

> Car Spare Parts from Indonesia to Myanmar
> Food supplements from USA to Hungary
> Paper Cups from China to Saudi Arabia
> Air Heater from Spain to Indonesia
> Skin Care Products from New Zealand to Saudi Arabia
> Vending machine from Canada to Lebanon
> Ready Made Garments from Bangladesh to Haiti
> Paper from Finland to Bangladesh
> Passport Books from Malta to Bangladesh
> Wine and tequila from Mexico to Portugal
> Air units from Germany to USA
> Pastry Items from Italy to Oman

Jess Baker, SFN Operations Manager, said: "From the regular feedback we receive from our members, it's clear to us just how highly capable and adaptive they are. This year has not been easy, but SFN members continue to exchange business and handle even complex shipments with top level professionalism. We commend our members for their focus and commitment to cooperative business opportunities."

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