SFN Members in Mexico Working With Multiple SFN Members

Seal Soluciones Logisticas, SFN Members in Mexico, shared some of their recent shipments with SFN members. Sandra Alonso, Manager, said:

"I especially want to thank the members of SFN for their support and prompt response to the requests we have had with several of them, I leave here some with which operations have already been completed and thanks to their professionalism our clients are satisfied.

With AIF Taiwan and Seatrans India we start to have a contact because we work with anothers partners but in several times we received a compliance for our customer and their supplier for not good service. So we decide to enter SFN and work with their members to be better company service and now with the support from SFN members we have happy customers and develop a new account.

We load by sea and airfreight different cargo: maize, tools, LED lights, shoes, chemical products and honeycomb panels, to cite just some products. Here is a photo from our grade food operation to load container with customer:

We also started to work with new customer by sea for loaded food grade and Energy Freight helped us in the UK to attend and resolve all logistics issues to customer.

We are so happy with SFN members, they are very professional."

SFN Managing Director Kelly Bunyan said, "I am always delighted to hear that our members are cooperating well together, and recognise the standard of service you get from vetted network partners. My aim for SFN members is for them to have trusted partners and successful business. This is certainly being achieved and I couldn't be happier."

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