Teddy and Daniel Are Working With Good People in SFN

Teddy at Austromar USA and Daniel at NOVA in Switzerland are both thriving in SFN, working with many members - including one another. Here interviewed at our most recent member meeting, Daniel comments that he's a Founder Member of SFN and states, 'We've found great people and we're very happy. It's working out great." Teddy says he is 'proud and happy' to handle Daniel's cargo and that working with good people is 'what it's all about." Please click on the image below to watch:

SFN Managing Director Kelly states: "I cherish the time spent meeting members face to face at our meeting each year; the sense of friendship is wonderful. As you can see from this video, there is much laughter and positivity! It all stems from members doing good business together, building trust and displaying appreciation. We love how positive our network is."

If you want to do business with good people, please complete the SFN Application Form.

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